Q: How long does it take for a delivery?
A: If in NZ, overnight, or rural NZ 1-2 days.  Australia is 2-10 days.. 

Q: How fresh are your lollies?
A: We are a startup & at present the expiry dates on our current stock is best before year 2022.  

Q: Can we buy bulk orders?
Yes.  Pick and choose whatever you desire.

Q: How often do you fill the orders?
A: Once you place an order, whether it be 1pm or 1am, it gets packed immediately & ready for next available courier pick up.

Q: Do I pay for shipping?
A: Yes.

Q: If I need an urgent delivery, can I pick up instead?
A: We do not allow pick up's as we are an online business, so everything is delivered. .

Q: If I have any issues with my order, who do I contact?
A: Please email info@jollicandynz.co.nz so we can assess the issue.  Please provide us with your order number; specific issue you have; a photograph (if applicable) on how the bag was received, or video... & we will resolve any concerns asap.